Who we are

H. Spencer Bentley is a commercial, documentary, and fine art photographer operating within the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area. He began his photographic journey in 2012 as an artistic outlet and has gained a level of prominence through the years thanks to his unique compositional styles and storytelling techniques. He has been featured on multiple enthusiast blogs and the Fuji X Magazine publication.

 He is currently focusing on his long term photography project that captures yoga practitioners, athletes, and movement artist for commercial and fine art applications. 

Outside of photography he is a fitness and travel enthusiast who is always looking for like-minded creatives to collaborate with. 

Who we are 

The Bentley Creative Agency is comprised of Co-Owners Spencer Bentley and Holly Bentley.

BCA provides the following services:



Brand Marketing 

Brand Advertising 

Creative Direction

Location Scouting 

Photoshopping and Video Post-Processing 

Copy Writing and Editing 

Website Creation 

Social Media Networking


Spencer is a commercial photographer and videographer with a background in content marketing and copy-writing.  His unique compositional styles, usage of color, and utilization of natural and controlled lighting has provided his work with a unique visual signature that has become the calling card for his work. His work has been featured in multiple photography enthusiast blogs as well as domestic and internationally published yoga and fitness magazines.

Holly is a social media personality and Creative Director. Her instincts for evocative marketing content has allowed her to cultivate a social media platform of over 120k loyal followers. She has worked with some of the largest brands in the multi-billion dollar health and wellness sector and levearges her expertise and platform to help brands build their image in this highly compettive industry.